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Rombo manufactures standard ( ANSI & British Standard) and custom industrial roller chains for large OEMs meeting their performance expectations. Rombo is the market leader in leaf chain, skid steer loader chains, agricultural roller chains as well as accumulator roller chain products.

Standard Roller Chain

All the chains are designed as per the standard BS 29.1. All our chains go through robust manufacturing processes which ensure the best value for the customer. We follow stringent quality standards to ensure complete customer satisfaction. These chains are designed for use in Mechanical Power Transmission segment:

  • American Heavy Series – ASA
  • American Series – ASA / DIN / ISO
  • Double Pitch Conveyor Chains – American Series – ISO/ ASA
  • Double Pitch Drive Chains – American & European Series
  • European Series – BS/ DIN/ ISO
  • Straight Side Plate Chains – American Series – ASA
  • Straight Side Plate Chains – European Series
  • Other Series

Leaf Chains

Rombo is the one among the leading suppliers to Global OEMs in this segment. The BL series leaf chains are designed for medium loads and greater shocks for applications in lift trucks, masts, construction and mining. The AL series of Leaf Chains are used for light duty applications with relatively constant, low loads:

  • BL Series-ISO/DIN/ASA
  • Rombo Max – BL Series
  • AL Series
  • LL Series – ISO/DIN

Adapter Chains

This category of products are standard products modified suitably for use in specific applications and hence the name – Adapted chains. Attachment chains form the major sub-category under these chains. We boast of developing a wide range of attachments which are used in critical conveying applications in the Electronics, Packaging and Food industries. We have built expertise in developing custom attachments which undergo special heat-treatment processes ensuring the highest level of performance:

  • Attachment Chains
  • Extended Pin Chains
  • Hollow Pin Chains
  • Accumulator Chains
  • Rubber Top Chains

Agricultural Chains

In Today’s world of sophisticated agricultural and processing equipment the name ROMBO is the guarantee of reliability. With a wide experience in working with major Global Agri OEMs and Rombo has successfully developed complicated chains for applications like Elevator chains used in Harvester Combines:

  • Roller Chains
  • K Attachment Chains
  • Elevator Attachment Chains
  • Maize Attachment Chains
  • Special Attachment Chains

Specialty Products

Equipped with tremendous experience in the field of chain manufacturing, we have been continuously working towards developing new products:

  • Oil Field Chains
  • Pin Oven Chains
  • Corrosion Resistant Chains

Conveyor Chains

These are custom-made chains for Process industries like Primary metals, Cement, Fertiliser, and Sugar. Rombo has facilities like Vertical Milling machine (VMC) which ensures 100% bearing area. It uses specialised heat treatment furnaces like Sequential Quenched Furnace (SQF) which ensures a uniform case hardness and case depth:

  • European Series – Solid Pin Chain
  • European Series – Hollow Pin Chain
  • Metric Series (ISO) – Solid Pin Chains
  • Metric Series (ISO) – HollowPin Chains