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Industrial Indexing Systems, Inc – designs, manufactures and specializes in servo motion control.
Our systems are designed to suit any application based on customer needs. IIS’s servo motors, drives and motion controllers provide automation system solutions and are used in the most demanding applications requiring high performance, high quality positioning accuracy, high reliability and energy efficiency.
Industrial Indexing Systems is proud to be a member of the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association (ODVA), SERCOS North America (Serial Realtime Communications System), CC-Link Partner Association and MANA (Manufacturers & Agents)
Industrial Indexing Systems is also the exclusive North American Distributor for: TOEI Electric Co., LTD. Velconic, Shibaura Machine Co., LTD. TOSHIBA MACHINE CO., LTD. X SERIES SERVOS


The Emerald Automation Controller is an open architecture high performance multi-axis motion controller designed for demanding applications that require close synchronization of up to 32 servo axes, I/O and auxiliary equipment.

The Emerald Automation Controller is powerful enough to execute all of the control functions required in a production environment, thus eliminating the need for additional control devices such as a PLC.


The Emerald Series servo drives and motors use the latest servo technology to bring cost effective solutions to the automation market.

A wide range of sizes and feature rich functions make the Emerald servo drive the most versatile servo system in today’s automation market. State of the art software minimizes hardware cost while maximizing features and performance.


In single-axis applications the Emerald Emax drive can be enabled as a stand-alone position controller and drive combination, Emax mode. As a multi-axis Emerald system you use the same programming language when the Emax is configured to work with the multi-axis EMC-2100 programmable automation controller. Common drive hardware can reduce spares inventory.


Designed with the OEM in mind, the Luminary Series packs a full feature list of control capabilities into a low cost hardware platform.

The Luminary series includes multi-axis capability to control four Luminary Series drives and access to 36 I/O points.


Luminary Series servo drives offer an alternative to OEMs, and a cost-competitive alternative to stepper control systems.

Luminary Series Servo Drives provide the OEM market with a low cost but high performance servo drive for use in applications such as x-y tables, actuators, roll feeders, or any requirement where true position, velocity and torque control are desired. The Luminary Series is a cost competitive alternative to stepper control systems.